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Domestic violence affects not only human victims but also can affect their pets. Abusers often threaten the welfare of the pet in an effort to control the victim and some victims, afraid to leave their pets behind, choose to remain in their situation and continue to face the risk of abuse for themselves and their pets.  Sadly others give up their pets forever when they leave as they feel it's the only choice they have to free themselves and their pets from abuse.

We want victims of domestic violence with pets to have another choice.  Through our offering of safe and responsible foster families who will care for your pet while you work toward a safe future.  Fosters who will understand not only the needs of your pet but your need for confidentiality and security.


If you are a victim of domestic abuse and have a pet that needs our help, you may contact us directly or through one of our partners.  (If you need help and/or a place to stay, please contact the Family Crisis Intervention Center - they have a 24 hour hotline 24 HOUR HOTLINE: 1-800-794-2335 or 304-428-2333. ) We know for some, working through an intermediary provides greater anonymity and we respect that need.  But we are happy to work directly with you if that is preferable and will arrange safe meeting locations for the transfer of your pet into our care. 


The best way to begin is in reading our DV Owner Agreement to familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures we do require.  These rules exist for both your protection and that of our fosters as well.  You will also need to complete an Animal Intake Form (one for each pet) and be prepared to answer the questions the agreement covers when you contact us. (Online forms or Word versions of these forms are available here.)


Once you provide details about your pet to us, we will then work to find an available foster, one that is not only a good fit for your pet but also in a location that minimizes any chance of contact with your abuser.  Know that one of the rules for our fosters for domestic violence clients revolves around maintaining a very low profile for your pet.  And that includes

restrictions on where they may be taken in public and no exposure on social media. 


Beyond providing a temporary home for your pet, we also will provide food, supplies and medical attention, if needed.  They will need to be current on all shots but we can provide that too if they are not.

Note:  If your pet is not already spayed or neutered, we will require that they be as soon as possible upon entering our custody.  We can arrange for this procedure at our expense if you cannot afford to do so.  Additionally, for dogs, it is suggested that to further your legal rights to your dog, that you ensure you have it licensed in YOUR name only.  We cannot do this for you.  This again is a precaution if at any point your abuser attempts to recover your pet through legal means.  Do not however let either of these things stop you from requesting our help!

Use our Contact Form (a good option if you prefer not to use email and risk any outgoing email to us in your email history), email us at or by phone at 740-706-0489.  If calling and you get our voicemail, please leave a number and the best time for us to safely return your call.  Or you may call the FCIC's 24 HOUR HOTLINE: 1-800-794-2335 or 304-428-2333 and they will get in touch with us.

Note: If you choose to leave a message with us, please know that for your safety all return calls and any messages left will be made by "Martha".  We will not use the name of our organization or provide any reason behind the call in our message.  "Martha" will only acknowledge your call and suggest you call again. This is for your safety.

All of our services are offered at no charge to you but we do appreciate any contribution you may be able to make towards supplies and services we provide for your pet.


Too often pet owners relinquish their pets to shelter because they themselves need medical treatment that takes them away from home and they have no one to care for their pet while away.  Lacking a trusted family member or friend to provide the essential daily care for their pet, they have no other choice but to give them up forever or to delay or forego essential medical care to avoid giving up their pet.  Without the means to afford boarding or having nowhere to turn for help, they have few other options.

MOV Animal Safe Haven wants to provide another place to turn for those with medical emergencies in the form in-home volunteer pet sitters that will care for your pet or fosters who will care for your pet in their homes.  Depending on the type of animals, duration of your absence, and availability of foster homes, we will provide fosters or arrange for regular in-home pet care through our volunteers while you are away.

You'll remain in close contact with your pet through their caregiver as we encourage regular updates on your pet's well-being.  And in some cases when viable, even visitation.  We want to provide you with the peace of mind necessary to expedite your recovery and return home.

We do ask that you provide food for your pet so we can maintain them on their regular diet and if on medication, that you supply that as well to the caregivers for the duration of your absence.  If however your pet requires medical treatment while in our care, we will work with you to ensure they receive whatever treatment is necessary. 


Note: As one stipulation of our program is mandatory spaying and neutering of all animals, we will provide this (with your approval) as soon as possible once they enter our program.  If you cannot afford such treatment or procedure, we will take care of that for you. 

The process begins with you or a family member's contact with us via our Contact Form, email or by phone at 740-706-0489.  We suggest you review or go ahead and complete our Medical Patient Owner Agreement and Intake Form to familiarize yourself with the requirements of our service before contacting us.  That will prepare you to answer questions that will assist us in finding the best caregiver for your pet.  (Word versions of these forms are available here.)


All of our services are offered at no charge to you, but we certainly appreciate any reimbursement you may be able to make towards the costs of supplies and care.


​While it is our ultimate goal that the pets that enter our program will all eventually return to the care of their owners, we know that in some cases this is just not possible.  If for any reason and at any time, animals are relinquished by their owners to our organization, we will do everything in our power to find them responsible, loving homes for the remainder of their lives.  To avoid causing them too much stress, we will also try to keep them in their foster homes until permanent homes may be found. 


We also have close working relationships with local shelters and rescue organizations outside our region, and as such believe we can help pets that become homeless as a result of either crisis situation find loving forever homes. 


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