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GET INVOLVED - Foster & Volunteer Details

GET INVOLVED - Foster & Volunteer Details


  1. Complete the application and submit it for review

  2. Undergo a home visit and an interview

  3. Provide verification that any of your personal pets are current on vaccines and healthy.

  4. References will be checked.

  5. You will be notified if you are approved to be a foster.



  1. You will be contacted when MASH becomes aware of an animal that matches your specified foster interest becomes in need of our care.

    • We will try to provide an estimate of the duration of their stay with you if possible.

    • In some cases it may be possible for you to meet the pet in advance of making a decision but in other cases that will not be possible.

  2. If you agree to foster the animal, arrangements will be made for delivery or pickup of the animal.If a domestic violence foster, delivery will be made to your home in most instances.If not a neutral but safe location will be identified for picking up the pet.

  3. Supplies will be provided at the time of pick up or delivery to you.


  • Providing quality care including but not limited to food, water, shelter, grooming, and exercise.While not liable for their condition, it is your responsibility to ensure they are properly cared for and that you notify the MASH coordinator ASAP if there are any concerns for health or fitness of the foster.

  • Ensuring fosters are safely housed and properly cared for.

  • Responsible for any property damage done by the foster or injury to one of your pets

  • Notify in a timely manner MASH contacts if and when supplies and/or medication is needed.

  • Notify the MASH coordinator IMMEDIATELY in the event that my foster is sick, injured or lost and provide medical attention at the approval and direction of the MASH Coordinator only.Veterinary care not approved and directed by MASH will be at the foster’s expense.

  • Returning the foster to the MASH Coordinator promptly.

  • Notifying the MASH coordinator well in advance of any situation that would result in you no longer being able to foster the pet.

  • Respecting the confidentiality of the pet owner and not discuss publicly their circumstances or situation with anyone that has no need to know.


  • Ensuring that no pictures or video of the fosters are on social media sites or discussion of these animals Is made on social media.

  • Avoiding taking the foster out into public places, especially parks or heavily trafficked areas where it may readily be seen by the public.Unless necessary for medical needs.

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of your fosters and their familY circumstances to include NOT discussing or sharing any details about them outside your immediate family members, such as where the pet came from or that it is from a domestic violence situation.

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