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Our Purpose
Help Victims of Domestic Violence​

Provide temporary safe housing and care for the pets of victims of domestic violence, thus reducing potential continued abuse of both people and their pets by providing a safe haven for their pets.

Help Those Facing Medical Emergencies

Provide care for the pets of individuals who are hospitalized, recovering from an illness or from an injury that leaves them temporarily unable to care for their own pets and are without trusted family or friends to provide daily care.  

Reduce Animals Surrendered to Shelters

Reduce the relinquishment of pets to shelters because of the inability of their owners to care for them during such crisis situations.

A Foster's Story​

Dakota is a 6 year old Labrador mix and whose best friend needed to undergo biweekly chemotherapy treatments to battle the cancer that had returned again.  Her dad would not schedule the treatments he needed until he could ensure that somehow he could return home to his beloved dog. 


Dakota stayed in foster care on and off with us for six months while her owner underwent treatment.  She visited him in the hospital too when permitted. 


Unfortunately. her owner did not survive his battle with cancer.  As he had requested, Dakota stayed with her foster until such time as we could find her a home who could give her as wonderful a life and all the love she deserved.  We were honored to help them both.

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